Steps to Recover Deleted Files from a Broken Hard Drive

Whether it’s because you dropped your hard drive or it died from old age, there are plenty of ways you can lose your important data. The good news is that you may be able to get those files back by following a few simple steps. This post from your network repair service will cover the top ways to recover lost data.

Connect the hard drive

The first step is plugging your hard drive into your laptop or desktop computer. Desktop users can use a Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) cable to connect the drive directly to the desktop’s motherboard. If you have a laptop, simply use a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable to connect the hard drive to the USB port on the side of your laptop.

You can purchase both SATA and USB cables from your local computer repair shop or online. These days, neither type of cable is very expensive.

Assess the damage

Now that the hard drive is connected and booted back up, you’ll be able to determine how grave your situation is. Hopefully, the hard drive will appear as a storage device, and you’ll be able to transfer the files from the drive back to your computer.

If you’re unlucky, the data either won’t appear at all on the hard drive or your computer won’t be able to transfer the data from the drive back to your PC or Mac.

There are some programs designed specifically to recover lost data from hard drives. However, trying to perform data recovery by yourself isn’t always going to be the best option. Instead, we recommend bringing your hard drive and computer to a professional.


If you’re unable to recover your data by yourself, be sure to come in and see our team. Here’s how our professionals at can assist you in recovering those files:

  • Recovery: Data loss doesn’t just occur due to a broken hard drive. Everything from a sudden power outage to a cyberattack can cause you to lose all of your vital files. Have no fear—our pros are capable of recovering anything you may have lost for any reason. After recovering your files, we’ll back everything up to ensure you’re protected moving forward.
  • Backups and scheduling: Speaking of backups, we’ll work with you to create a routine backup schedule for all of your files. Depending on your business’ needs, we’ll recommend a cloud or off-site backup solution. You can rest easy knowing your data will always be safe after calling our team.
  • Migration: Like recovery, you can migrate your data from one system to another by yourself—but it’s much easier if you call We’ll execute your upgrades to ensure you don’t experience data loss or have any disruption in your company’s daily duties.

From data migration to repairs and even new sales, is your go-to team for all of your computer needs. Get in touch with us today or stop by our shop to see what we can do for you.

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