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Avoid Purchasing Walmart-Exclusive Routers Made in China

A new router can be a great way to boost your internet speeds and the reliability of your connection. But when you’re searching for a new router for your home network, make sure you avoid purchasing Walmart-exclusive routers, as well as other off-brand routers you might find on sites like Amazon or eBay. Otherwise, you […]

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The Potential Vulnerability of Your Mouse USB Dongle

When you think of hackers, viruses and computer vulnerability, you probably focus on threats through online sources or wi-fi networks. It’s likely you never think of your mouse as a gateway for hackers to enter your system. Yet, it’s possible. In fact, mouse vulnerability in Phoenix, AZ could easily give someone access to your computer. […]

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Protect Yourself from These New Imposter Phone Scams

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently issued warnings to smartphone users about a new set of phone scams that you should be aware of to protect yourself and your personal information. These scams tend to take the form of phone calls claiming to be from “Apple” or “Amazon,” and concerning your “account.” Whenever you get […]

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What Is the Windows Zero-Day Bug Attack?

As of October 30, 2020, Microsoft has informed the public that hackers are now exploiting a previously-undisclosed bug. The bug attacks Windows 7 and 10, and it allows hackers to increase their access to vulnerable computers. It can also run in conjunction with Chrome, and allows hackers to install malware on the systems. Here’s what […]

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What Are Some Current Computer Viruses to Be Aware Of?

Anyone who owns a computer that’s connected to the internet should be aware of the risks they face with regard to malware and viruses and the precautions they must take to protect themselves. The types of malware that are most likely to affect your devices are constantly evolving, so even if you think you’re well […]

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