Testimonial Videos

May 1, 2021 Erick

2021-05-13 | 16:16:57

"These guys just fixed my hp laptop that was really acting up by not letting me have administrative access and some more [email protected]#$%.. but they had it ready the next day with reasonable prices, and it works great. Super nice people that genuinely care. Will definitely stick to these guys moving forward!"
February 18, 2021 Deb Alexander

2021-05-13 | 16:17:05

"I was lucky to "discover" GeekForce nearly 20 years ago. They built my first PC and its replacement 10 years later. Paying for the annual service (which includes security updates) has kept my stress level down for all these years. I call them and someone either comes to my home or fixes the problem remotely. EVERY TIME! I very much appreciate their unsurpassed service and patience no matter how many questions I ask."
February 2, 2021 Paula C

Paula C | 2021-01-28 21:39:27

"Quality, Customer Service, Offerings, Timeliness Paul is always great, great company , great depth of knowledge. Computers, for better or worse, are such an important part of our lives, having Paul, or all the Geekforce folks “take care of our kids” is a comfortable feeling."
August 31, 2020 Claudio Clark

Always Dependable

"Nat, we have been associated for many years, and your service have been appreciated—when I called you the other day, I had just been released from the Hospital—so getting my computer up and running was a need action. Your associate came the next day and found that the power was some how turned off on the monitor -- yes, something very minor, but something that provided me the ability to work. I checked all incoming e-mails, and the market. Thank, YOU for what you do for us. Claudio Clark"
August 4, 2020 Anthony D.

Computer Repair

"Geek force was excellent. They picked up and dropped off my computer which made things so much easier for me. Very responsive and professional."