Where to Find PC Parts During the 2021 Shortage

There are many reasons for the shortage of PC parts available in 2021, including the coronavirus pandemic and fewer computer chips being produced. Needless to say, if you are planning to build your own PC in 2021, you’ll probably find it extremely difficult. Even if you do manage to find good parts, chances are they’ll be much more expensive than you would’ve spent last year.

Parts for gaming computers may be hard to come by these days in Phoenix, AZ, but there is hope supplies will increase in the near future. Read on for more information on the current shortage.

Where to find parts

The best way to find PC parts at good prices is to check reputable websites. There are plenty of sites that offer used and refurbished products that still work well. Most of the products are available at lower prices than are being offered by larger companies.

It’s important to your research on any website you’re using, though. Be sure to also check reviews and other information on any seller. This will help prevent you from paying top dollar for an inferior product. You could also ask an IT support service in Phoenix, AZ for help finding good PC parts.

If you’re willing to wait, PC part supplies will likely increase in availability over the next year. Chances are good that many parts won’t be as expensive in the near future.

Parts that are the hardest to get

While most good PC parts are difficult to find this year, certain parts are rarer and more expensive than all the rest. Processors, for example, have gone up in price over the last year and can only be found through certain dealers. The same is true for motherboards and SSDs as well. None of these compare to the major increase in price for graphics cards, though.

Prices of some graphic cards only went up $50 or $60, while others saw a rise of hundreds of dollars. Some graphic cards even currently cost over $1,000.

More about the shortage

As mentioned above, there are many reasons for the shortage of PC parts. The pandemic is an obvious culprit, as more people were spending time indoors in 2020. More and more people became interested in building PCs, which quickly ate up supply and increased the demand. During the pandemic, the production of many PC parts was also halted.

With increased demand and less production, it’s no surprise that there’s currently a shortage. The tariffs placed on Chinese products by the Trump administration also added to the increased price and short supply of PC parts.

The role of cryptocurrency and scalpers

Cryptocurrency and scalpers are also helping drive up the cost of PC parts. PCs require specific parts for mining cryptocurrency, and with so many people trying to invest in things like Bitcoin, supplies are running out. Scalpers are taking advantage of the PC parts shortage by purchasing parts and selling them at a much higher cost.

If you’re wanting to start building a gaming computer, consider all your options before purchasing specific parts. Those with questions or who are in need of IT support in Phoenix, AZ should contact GeekForce.biz today for more information.

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