What’s Up with the Global Chip Shortage?

You may have heard about the global chip shortage we’re experiencing right now. We use computer chips in just about everything these days, from new technology like tablets and smartphones to updated staples like refrigerators and watches. Even credit cards, into which chips have been added for security, are harder to get right now. And of course, chips are at the core of computers, and this global chip shortage has ramifications on the world of computer repair.

One major area of industry that has felt the impact is the automotive industry. Computer chips are essential in cars these days, so much so that you can’t build a car without chips, just like you can’t build a car without steel. In fact, Ford announced this year that it will have to decrease production of its popular F-150 truck because of the chip shortage.

As chip makers step up to fill the need for automobiles, other products that use chips are seeing a shortage of supply in response. This shortage will balance out over time, especially as the pandemic gradually fades away and life returns to normal. But it may last until the holiday season, and you may not be able to get those cool gadgets and toys that always find themselves at the top of holiday gift lists.

Here’s a look at why there’s a global chip shortage, and how it may affect the computer repair industry in the near future.

Reasons for the global chip shortage

While manufacturing slowed a lot at the height of the pandemic, it has since been making a comeback. But while the demand and availability of manufacturing has seen a return, the availability of computer chips has not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels.

One reason for this is poor planning. When the pandemic took hold, auto makers canceled orders for chips, as they weren’t making as many new cars and nobody knew when things would get back to normal. At the same time, the increase in working from home led to an increase in chip orders from cloud infrastructure providers, as well as for computers and consumer electronic devices.

When auto sales began to rebound, the chips had already fallen where they may, so to speak, and that was into other products. The chip industry is now playing catchup with the sudden increase in demand.

Impact on computer repair

While the auto industry is feeling a big impact right now, the computer repair industry is also affected. As chips are being gobbled up by the auto industry and other sectors that saw a sudden increase in demand recently, there have been fewer chips available for computer repair.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go searching for the right parts on your own. When you need computer repair, even if you’re well versed in DIY techniques, it may be best to let a computer repair shop handle your computer repairs right now, as they may have supply connections that are more affordable and reliable than those available to most consumers. When you’re looking for a reliable, affordable computer repair shop, contact GeekForce.biz today.

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