Dependent on Your Computer for Remote Work? Keep It in Tip-Top Shape

A huge chunk of the United States has started working from home over the last year, and if you’re one of the many new work-from-home employees, that means keeping your computer in good shape is more important than ever. Keeping the number of a great virus removal and mobile computer repair company on hand in Phoenix, AZ is a good backup plan—but the best way to keep your computer running well is to perform preventative maintenance. Here’s how to keep your computer in the best shape possible:

  • Get rid of dust: Dust isn’t just an aesthetic nuisance—it can also interfere with the way the components work. Dust can increase the heat, which shortens your computer’s lifespan. It’s a good idea to wipe down your computer’s exterior regularly, including the monitor, keyboard, tower and mouse. Blowing compressed air through the keyboard and fans can get rid of accumulated dust—if you feel comfortable opening up your tower, you can use the compressed air to clean it more thoroughly. Finally, if you still use a mouse with a trackball, don’t forget to open it up and clean it out every month or so.
  • Always back up your files: Preventative maintenance also includes backing up your files. Most people would be devastated if they lost hours of work. Turn on any cloud-based backup services you use (if you don’t have one, consider investing in one as soon as possible) and auto-save features within your individual programs.
  • Stay on top of hardware updates and upgrades: Are you keeping up with your hardware updates? Although they can get lost in the shuffle, they’ll go a long way toward ensuring your computer functions properly. When you have a few minutes in between meetings or on a break, scan your device to see if there are any hardware updates to install.
  • Organize the cords: Are your computer, printer and router connected by a nest of cords? That’s not uncommon—but it is a problem. Invest in some zip ties or cord organizers, unplug everything and tie them up neatly. This will also save time if you need to get mobile computer repair in Phoenix, AZ—you don’t want to force the technician to play “which cord is this?” when they could be busy fixing your computer.
  • Run antivirus and malware scans regularly: Finally, make sure you have a good antivirus and anti-malware program, and run scans regularly. Even if you’re not able to tackle virus removal on your own, the sooner you identify a problem, the easier it will be for a computer technician to fix your device.

Staying on top of computer maintenance will save you a lot of hassles in the long run. Just a few minutes a day ensures that your work-from-home experience stays as smooth as possible.

When you need assistance with virus removal and mobile computer repair in Phoenix, AZ, let the team at help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment.

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