What Is a Self Defending Network?

Networks are one of the most important things that we use on a daily basis both at home and at work. Your network can make a huge difference in how easily you can complete tasks, how easily you can access and use the internet and share information, and how safe your computer is from any threat. A self-defending network may be just what you need to ensure that your home and work are protected.

What Is a Self-Defending Network?

A self-defending network is just that — a network that detects and identifies threats and other issues that might cause trouble for the network and then works to remove the threat without your intervention. This helps to keep the firewall safe, it helps to prevent threats from being able to break into the network, it helps to prevent the security of your network from being compromised, and more.

If you work from home or if you are working with a network that multiple people use, a self-defending network is a fantastic method to ensure that your network stays safe no matter what you are doing. It can help make getting on the internet safer, it can help to protect interactions between people in the server, and it can help to ensure, overall, that if there are any issues, that they are taken care of before they have the ability to cause major security issues.

How Can Security Be Compromised?

Security can be compromised in a range of ways. Data miners are possible; you can get viruses, get information stolen, and even get malware that can shut down your entire network and damage your computers. A self-defending network is a great way to protect your networks, even if you have multiple people getting on a network, so that their information is protected from start to finish.

This type of network is ideal for those that are not able to go around monitoring your network at all times and that are not able to monitor the network and what is being done on it. This is also great if you have multiple people that are getting on and off of a network and that may not be able to make sure that the network is secured every single time that they get on. It can also protect you from accidentally getting on a site that might not be safe and that might have malicious content.  

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