Things You Need to Know Before Building a Crypto Mining Rig

Cryptocurrency mania is sweeping the globe. Some have compared it to the Gold Rush of San Francisco in the 1800s, as both phenomena feature ambitious profit-seekers looking to strike it rich by mining for precious valuables.

The tools may be different, but the goal is the same. Instead of a pickax, sluice and dynamite, modern-day miners need a crypto mining rig with specific computer parts designed for continuous, heavy-load work.

Here’s what a 21st-century 49er will need to strike it rich with a crypto mining rig.

Different types of crypto mining rigs

There are different tools for different types of crypto mining. Some are better than others, and some are much more expensive. The three main types are CPU mining rigs, GPU mining rigs and ASIC mining rigs.

CPU (central processing unit) mining rigs are simple and inexpensive. If you’re looking to mine cryptocurrency straight from your own computer, this is a popular choice. While they’re easy to use and affordable, they’re also the least reliable and least powerful. They will use a ton of power and will increase the total of your electrical bill—and the computer may overheat at any moment without continuous and heavy-duty cooling.

GPU (graphics processing unit) mining rigs are more specialized and do not use as much power. These crypto mining rigs use graphics cards to do the heavy lifting and computing power to mine from the blockchain. This is much more efficient when it comes to power use. They still require a lot of cooling, however, and graphics cards can be very expensive.

ASIC (application-specific integrated circuits) are computers designed for the sole purpose of mining cryptocurrency. They are not designed to do anything but this. They can be very expensive and have been criticized for throwing things out of balance for anyone who doesn’t use this type of crypto mining rig.

How to build a crypto mining rig

To build the right crypto mining rig, you need to have the right components. This includes a motherboard, graphics card(s), a power supply, cooling capabilities, a CPU processor and a frame.

The motherboard is the main part of a crypto mining rig. This will determine what other parts you can add onto your rig. Pay extra attention to the type of graphics card a motherboard will work with, as that is the next most important part of a rig.

Graphics cards do the heavy lifting in a crypto mining rig. You will probably want multiple graphics cards to get the most out of the rig. Two of the top graphics card companies right now are NVIDIA and AMD.

Make sure your power supply is strong enough to power all these heavy-lifters. Cooling is also important to make sure nothing breaks down due to overheating. You will need a good CPU processor to run everything smoothly, but it’s not the most important component. Finally, you can customize the look of your rig with a cool frame that holds it all together.

Whether you’re looking to build a crypto mining rig yourself or have a professional put it together for you, contact today for solid advice and service from experienced professionals.

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