What Is Bloatware, and How Do You Remove It?

There are few things worse than having your computer, phone or tablet clogged up with apps that you don’t want and don’t use. If you’ve ever tried to delete one of these undesirable apps but couldn’t, then you know how pesky and troublesome bloatware can be.

Bloatware is a term for any software on your computing device that slows it down unnecessarily. These apps are usually preinstalled by vendors and manufacturers and don’t typically allow for easy deletion. Bloatware not only wastes space on your device, but, because the app requires computing power, it slows it down too.

This article will answer some FAQs on what bloatware is and how to remove it.

Why is there bloatware on so many devices in the first place?

We’ve already touched on what bloatware actually is, so let’s delve into why it exists in the first place. The answer is simple: money. Computer, tablet and phone vendors use these preinstalled software programs as a way to generate revenue. For a nominal fee, certain companies can have their software preinstalled on devices so that you, the user, are forced to interact with their various music players, security programs, file managers, download managers, etc.

Can bloatware be harmful to my device?

The main problem with bloatware is that it takes up space on your computer and slows it down. The bloatware itself is not usually damaging to your computer, unless you consider slow processing times damaging. The underlying issue with bloatware is that it can create security vulnerabilities in your computer’s system, which can provide openings for man-in-the-middle hacking attacks.

What are the main types of bloatware?

Most bloatware can be divided into three categories: adware, trialware and utilities. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Adware: This is exactly what it sounds like: an unwanted program that causes advertisements to pop up on your computer. You usually end up with this via internet download, though some computer companies have preloaded it onto their machines.
  • Trialware: This is a subscription service program that comes preloaded on your computer for a free trial. Once the trial is over, it won’t work, but it will ask you to pay to continue its use. It’s easy to spot and delete though, which is good.
  • Utilities: These are some of the preloaded apps on your computer that you may or may not use, like CD burning programs, DVD players, file managers or video editors. You should check your computer for these programs; save them if you use them, and delete them if they’re redundant and the system allows you to.

How do I get rid of bloatware on my device?

The type of device you have will determine how or if you can remove the bloatware from it. You can download a special bloatware removal tool on your phone, tablet or computer. It will let you view which programs are on your device and how much space they’re taking up before ultimately letting you remove programs you do not want.

You can also consult online how-to guides detailing how to remove bloatware. Exercise caution though, as some processes can get quite technical, and it’s possible to do more harm than good while trying to delete bloatware.

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