Protecting Yourself Against Digital Dark Patterns

Many types of scams are being used these days to get people’s personal information. Digital dark patterns are a manipulative type of interface that some companies might use as a way of tricking people into spending more money than is necessary. Anyone living in Phoenix, AZ can be tricked by digital dark patterns, which are also used to get personal information from an individual. If you are tricked by a digital dark pattern, you might find yourself paying way more for a subscription or insurance with no additional benefits.

There are things being done to prevent companies from using digital dark patterns to trick individuals. The state of California even recently approved a law that may help in the fight against digital dark patterns, which is discussed in more detail below. Most of all, it is important to know how to prevent yourself from being misled by these companies.

Types of dark patterns

There are several methods companies will use to get individuals to pay more or give more information than is needed. For example, some companies might use trick questions in a survey to get additional information from a potential customer.

Some companies may also make it extremely difficult for a customer to opt-out of their service after they’ve signed up, which is a dark pattern example many people are familiar with. For example, you may recall trying to go through much more difficulty than was necessary when trying to cancel a streaming service subscription.

Falling for these digital dark pattern tricks is quite easy, and something many people have fallen for at least a few times in the past. That being said, there have been some new bills and laws introduced in certain states that may help prevent the prevalence of digital dark patterns.

What’s being done about digital dark patterns

One good thing that’s happened over the years when it comes to digital dark patterns is that they are actually being acknowledged. People in Phoenix, AZ and all over the world are becoming more aware of these tricks. With fewer people falling for these tricks, we may see a decline in them over the next few years.

As mentioned above, California recently introduced a law that will hopefully help strengthen users’ privacy. This law will negate any agreements made by a company that utilized digital dark patterns. Washington is another state that is currently working on implementing a law to prevent digital dark patterns.

How to protect yourself from digital dark patterns

While work is being done to prevent companies from using digital dark patterns, it is important to be aware of these tricks in order to protect yourself. These dark patterns can be quite persuasive and easy to fall for in many cases, which is why it’s important to do your research on any company before doing business with them or signing up for a service.

If they are offering you upgraded services but are vague about what those services are, then they might be trying to trick you into paying more. Also, be sure to read any terms and conditions agreements.

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