Legitimate Reasons to Allow Remote Access to Your Computer

Allowing remote computer access can be a scary process, and for good reason. After all, you don’t want to allow just anyone into your systems. It gives them a lot of power. That’s why it’s important to recognize when you should allow remote computer access in Phoenix, AZ and when to firmly refuse. Here’s what you need to know.

When to say no

If you did not initiate the contact with a computer services technician, but someone contacts you and asks for remote computer access in Phoenix, AZ, always deny it. If you have no prior relationship with the company, they should not be asking for access to your computer. They don’t know what’s happening on your system and are simply trying to scam you to gain access to your information. It would be similar to a dentist whom you’ve never visited telling you that you need to come in for a root canal. It simply doesn’t make sense.

Keep in mind that companies such as Microsoft don’t contact individual users to access their computers for system updates. If these are needed, they will happen as part of your regular automatic updates, or they will release an update for all users to download.

What to do before you say yes

There may be times when you are working with a legitimate computer services company and need to grant remote computer access in Phoenix, AZ. To prepare for these times, always run system backups in case something goes wrong. Do this regularly to ensure you have everything you need in case there are issues with your system.

Additionally, before deciding to work with a computer service company, you should complete due diligence to ensure you are partnering with a trusted provider. Look for experts who are established in the field, can offer references and have a dedicated team of experts who are experienced with the type of issue you are having with your system. Again, you don’t want to grant remote computer access in Phoenix, AZ to those who are not qualified and could cause additional problems with your system.

Something else to keep in mind

Another important concept to remember as you consider granting remote computer access is that this action is not much different than handing over your computer to a technician. If they are allowed an in-person login, they have the same access to all of your files as they would with remote access. So, if you trust the technician enough to hand over your computer, then you can trust that person enough to allow remote computer access in Phoenix, AZ. The main difference is convenience for you that could reduce the time and hassle required to make repairs.

Get expert input

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