How Technology Has Shifted as a Result of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching impacts on just about every industry, business and community across the globe, including the technology sector. COVID-19 and the technology industry in Phoenix, AZ go hand in hand, thanks to the proliferation of remote working and necessity of moving much of our business dealings online.

However, despite the boom in business for technology companies, COVID-19 may have deleterious effects on them, too. While existing technology is being used on a much larger scale, we may soon see disruptions within the industry. Here’s what experts predict we should expect in the coming months and years.

Impacts on IT services

  • Establishing BCPs: Business continuity plans, or BCPs, will have an enhanced focus on IT. Since remote work is booming now and will likely continue into the future, it will be important for IT providers to help set up reliable, secure networks for continuing and future disasters.
  • A need for speed: Because remote work is more important now than ever, it will be crucial to upgrade network equipment and security for faster speeds, particularly 5G capabilities.
  • Emphasis on cloud-based solutions: As schools and businesses pivot to online learning, shopping and communications, there will be an increased need for better equipment, cloud-based storage and access and better telecommunications services.

Impacts on hardware and software

  • Growing need for security: As our workforce moves to remote work, we can expect to see an increased demand for security solutions and software like VPNs and cloud-based security tools. IT spending is expected to significantly increase over the coming months and years.
  • Supply chain disruption: We should expect that new devices like smartphones, computers and tablets may be delayed, as disruptions in the supply chain may make it more difficult for manufacturers to build and launch products. Users are more likely to make small upgrades to their old devices rather than replace them entirely. Even though warehouses and manufacturers in Asia are reopening, the delay will likely have both long- and short-term impact on the industry as a whole. However, companies are expected to place large orders for laptops and other devices to support their growing remote teams.
  • Software will continue to grow: On the other hand, software should see a boom, particularly IT and security-based software. Since most software is delivered via internet today, there should be plenty of room for growth along with demand.
  • Teleconferencing reigns supreme: Similarly, thanks to the uptick in remote work, teleconferencing software and connectivity will continue to see a huge spike. Even if things get back to “normal,” we predict a significant number of businesses will allow and encourage remote work.

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